Routix.RPC have some restrictions:

IEnumVariant not supported (in future will be supported). For this reason you cannot use For Each construction in Visual Basic on remote objects.



Restrictions of the DEMO version:

Login ignored. Any client can connect and request objects from server. Be careful!;
Listen port and host cannot be changed;
No more than two connections at the same time allowed;
OnRequestObject event ignored: objects will be created via windows API. This means that any client can request any object registered in the system. Be careful!


 In other words in the DEMO version any client can connect to the server and create any objects registered in the system. For security reason you must test only DEMO version of Routix.RPC and remove after testing!

 Also you cannot change listen host. Server listens on all IP addresses in the system.

 Also you cannot change listen port. Server listens on a default port only. If more than one application on the server will try to create server object - error raised "Port in use".

 For registered users will be created a custom build with different ProgID's and GUID's. In this case objects registration in the system will not conflict with other software that uses Routix.RPC.