Using Scripter object

Scripter object can be used for faster execution of multiple remote management operations.


How to use:


Create text file "ScripterCode.txt" with code:


'================== START ===============


'This sub creates 10 new rules

Sub Create_10_Rules

       Dim I


       For I = 1 To 10

           TrafficFilter.Rules.Insert 0, "MyNewRule" & I


End Sub


'=================== END ================




Create file "TestScripter.vbs" with code:


'================== START ===============


Const SNetComRemote = "NetCom.Remote"


Dim Scripter, Remote, Root


'Loads text file

Function ReadText(AFileName)

       Set F = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").OpenTextFile(AFileName, 1)

       ReadText = F.ReadAll


End Function


Set Remote = CreateObject(SNetComRemote)


With Remote

       .Host = ""

       .UserName = "Administrator"

       .Password = "MyPassword"

       Set Root = .CreateRoot

End With


With Root

       Set Scripter = .CreateScripter

       Scripter.AddCode ReadText("ScripterCode.txt")


End With


Set Scripter = Nothing

Set Root = Nothing

Set Remote = Nothing


'=================== END ================


Put these two files to the same directory and run TestScripter.vbs like this:

"cscript.exe TestScripter.vbs"