URL groups

On this page you can define miscellaneous URL groups, URL masks inside each group.

These groups used by rules to block specified URL groups.

Below URL groups list you can see HTTP ports list. Program detect HTTP protocol on these ports only. After detecting HTTP protocol program extracts URL's. These URL's showed in NAT table and rule URL blocking action applied to these URL's.


About masks:

Each literal character must match a single character in the string.

The comparison to literal characters is case-insensitive.

Each set begins with an opening bracket ([) and ends with a closing bracket (]).

Between the brackets are the elements of the set.

Each element is a literal character or a range.

Ranges are specified by an initial value, a dash (-), and a final value.

Do not use spaces or commas to separate the elements of the set.

A set must match a single character in the string.

The character matches the set if it is the same as one of the literal characters in the set, or if it is in one of the ranges in the set.

A character is in a range if it matches the initial value, the final value, or falls between the two values.

If the first character after the opening bracket of a set is an exclamation point (!), then the set matches any character that is not in the set.

Wildcards are asterisks (*) or question marks (?): an asterisk matches any number of characters, question mark matches a single arbitrary character.