Remote management

VBScript example:


Const SNetComRemote = "NetCom.Remote"

Dim Remote, Root


'Create Remote object

Set Remote = CreateObject(SNetComRemote)


'Set Remote object properties and query TrafficFilter object

With Remote

       'As Host you can to use 'localhost', any DNS name or IP address

       .Host = ""

       .UserName = "Administrator"

       .Password = "MyPassword"

       Set Root = .CreateRoot

End With


'Insert new Rule as first item in Rules object

'and set Action of this rule to Allow

With Root.Rules

       .Insert 0, "MyNewRule"

       .FindByName("MyNewRule").Action = 1

End With


'Forced saving server configuration

'Normally configuration saved automatically every 3 minutes



'Free objects

Set Root = Nothing

Set Remote = Nothing