Rule properties

       WARNING: All rules must be configured in relation to a server (where service "netcom.service.exe" is installed).

For example:

network packet is detected as incoming if it has come from network to the server;
network packet is detected as outgoing if it sended from server to the network.


In bottom-left corner of rule property editor window uncheck "Enabled" to disable rule if needed.

Press "Ok" to save rule on server.

Press "Cancel" to cancel changes.


       WARNING: If rules count > 0 and rule to allow packets not exists - all traffic will be DENIED!, and console can not to connect to the server from other host. In this case you can connect from same computer as service installed (specify address in connection dialog), or stop service, remove file "netcom.service.stg" (this is configuration file) and than start service. To exclude this situation you must create first rule, that allow from ALL to ALL. This rule must stay last in list of rules.