Questions and answers

Question: Why NAT doesn't work?

Answer: Routix NetCom NAT conflicts with some other firewalls. You must to uninstall these firewalls. You must configure clients to use valid DNS servers or create rule to forward DNS-queries to a valid DNS server.


Question: Why I can't redirect packets to localhost (

Answer: NetCom do not filter/redirects any loopback packets. You must use network address instead, for example


Question: Can I put many events functions in one module?

Answer: Yes.


Question: Why my rules counts traffic only in one direction?

Answer: If your rules addresses/ports based and NAT disabled - you must enable reverse addresses/ports checking.


Question: How can I to debug my server-side scripts?

Answer: All scripts errors reported to Windows Event Log.


Question: What ports used for a remote management?

Answer: Port TCP 42566 used by console and by service. Use this ports numbers you can create rule which allows to operate only from the certain addresses.


Question: Why sometime all network activity "freezed"?

Answer: It's problem may appears in case if your rules block network activity or as result of viruses activity, when binaries of program changed by viruses.


Question: I created wrong rules and now can't to connect to server from console to correct this rule - all traffic blocked by service. What can I do?

Answer: Connect to the server with console and with server address "" or "localhost". You must connect from within same computer were service installed in this case. Service does not block this addresses.


Question: I forget password and can't to connect to service now. Can I reset password?

Answer: No. But you can stop service with name "NetCom service", remove file "netcom.service.stg" and start service again, but in this case your configuration will be lost!


Question: Can we buy the custom build of NetCom with needed features (with non-standard encryption for example), logotypes and so on?

Answer: email us...


Question: Can we buy multi-server license? Any discounts?

Answer: email us...