Port mapping / redirection

       With NetCom you can redirect one port to other (known as "Port mapping"). Port redirection can be used for access Internet users to the web-server in you'r local network:



If you'r web-server run on IP: and port: 8080, to allow access to this web-server from external network you must create rule:



       Interfaces: External interface

       Packets direction: Incoming

       Protocols: TCP

       Destination port: 80


       Packet action: Allow

       Replace destination IP with:

       Replace destination port with: 8080

       Add data about packet to the NAT table: Enabled


That's all...

Now all incoming packets from external network to 80 port will be redirected to Answering packets from will be redirected backward automatically by NAT-table of NetCom.

Port redirection also can be used for redirect WWW requests to transparent caching proxy, like SquidNT for example.