LogFile Properties

Header as String

Defines header of log file. Header writed to each new log file at top of file.

Directory as String

Defines directory for log files. All log files will be writed and rotated in this directory.

FileName as String

Defines base file name for log file without directory.

Size as Integer

[read only] Returns current log file size.

EnableRotate as Boolean

Enables/disables log file rotation.

LastRotatedTime as DateTime

[read only] Returns date and time of last log file rotation.

RotateFileSize as Integer

Defines maximum log file size for rotation in KBytes.

MaxRotatedFilesCount as Integer

Defines maximum log files count in Directory. If files count exceeds - oldest files deleted.

RotateTimeMinutes as Integer

Defines count of minutes for rotation. If log file size not exceeds and log time exceeds - log file rotated anyway. If value of this property is 0 - rotation by time disabled.

Enabled as Boolean

Enables/disables logging.