COM object (NetCom.Remote)

This COM object resides in the netcom.dll and can be used for management of remote NetCom service. For example NetCom console uses this object to connect and management remote rules, adapters and etc. With this COM object you can access to the TrafficFilter and to all other properties and methods of all service-side objects.


VBScript example of using:


'netcom.dll contains 'NetCom.Remote' object.

Dim Remote, TrafficFilter, S, V

Set Remote = CreateObject("NetCom.Remote")

With Remote

       .Host = ""

       .Port = 42566

       .UserName = "Administrator"

       .Password = "mypass"

       Set TrafficFilter = .CreateRoot

       With TrafficFilter

               'Show service version

               V = .Version

               S = "Routix NetCom service version: " & V(0) & "." & V(1) & "." & V(2) & "." & V(3)

               If .IsFreeware Then

                       S = S & ", Freeware"


                       S = S & ", Registered"

               End If

               WScript.Echo S

               'Add version record to the system event log


       End With

End With


Set TrafficFilter = Nothing


Set Remote = Nothing