Adapter Properties

IsFilterStarted as Boolean

[read only] Returns True if Adapter filtering started else False.

Name as String

[read only] Returns name of Adapter in the OS network connections dialog.

DeviceName as String

[read only] Returns device name of Adapter - this is system identificator of device, for example "\DEVICE\{34AB6ABC-E616-4531-9C5E-613770D9465E}". This DeviceName is unique in the system. You can use this with Adapters.FindByDeviceName.

RealMAC as String

[read only] Returns real MAC address of device. Note: this is MAC address assigned to device by manufacturer, but OS can override this. To obtain current MAC address read Adapter.CurrentMAC.

CurrentMAC as String

[read only] Returns current MAC address, used by device.

MTU as Integer

[read only] MTU (Max Transmission Unit) value of Adapter. System wide MTU can be differ.

Handle as Integer

[read only] Handle (descriptor) of interface.